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24 Jul 2014
mean is not mean

MEAN - LAMP for hipsters

Not quite. What means MEAN anyway? Everyone should know what LAMP means if you were not born yesterday.

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL (MariaD)
  • PHP

MEAN is the modern, hipster cousin of LAMP.

  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS

That’s a lot of JS. As I said. Made by hipsters, for hipsters, just kidding.

how does it work?

I came across this idea on a tutorial I read on scotch.io. Really simple:

  • MongoDB is our NoSQL DB in the background
  • NodeJS will work with ExpressJS to serve a easy built API for our frontend.
  • AngularJS will be our frontend and get the data from our API an do the rest (views etc.)

Thanks to this you can develop and let your API grow without having to touch the frontend app itself.

I took the liberty to link this image I found on scotch.io for better understanding:


You could also try to get a better idea from mean.io or meanjs.org.

try it out

I tried the single app page todo app from scotch.io and it was really fun and easy! But I encourage everyone to learn you some angularjs first. It is very useful when you will be starting to read about angular modules and scopes and I still have a lot to learn about angular too.

last words

MEAN may be something new at first, but it is not mean at all. I learned a lot in only a few hours and it wasn’t difficult at all!